Data center premises are monitored 24 hours a day, and everything is recorded. Transformers backed up by several power sources provide protection against power outages. Cooling is provided by compressor coolers with several independent cooling circuits in minimum N + 1 wiring. An automatic extinguishing system with ecological gas FM 200 protects the premises from fire.


The core network is built on 10ge (10 Gbit Ethernet) technology and the links are either one or more 10ge lines. Transit connectivity is mediated by Tiscali, Telia, DialTelecom and Cogent networks.

Dell & Foxconn

The partner and supplier of equipment for the ServerNOW project is Dell, a leading server and technology manufacturer. The cloud solution runs on VMware virtualization platform on Dell PowerEdge Rack servers. We utilize the disk array SC-Series from Dell EMC built entirely from SSDs and Dell computing nodes. All technologies are redundant. Virtual servers also run on Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers.

Dedicated servers run on Dell EMC PowerEdge T20 servers or powerful Foxconn R5111 series servers. Foxconn kits have hot swap drives and dual power.

KVM platform

We run VPS servers on a KVM platform that allows full virtualization. Individual virtual machines have their own OS/kernel and it is therefore technically possible to run Docker containers. This allows multiple processes to be run on containers in a single VPS, even different applications without interacting with each other. The supported operating system is Linux Centos, the platform runs on open source Proxmox technology.


RadWare DefensePro is known for its effective protection against real-time DoS and DDoS network attacks. Undesirable traffic is filtered immediately without users experiencing any disturbance. The Radware DefensePro x420 solution we have chosen allows us to filter 40 Gb/s attacks. Patent-protected behavioral data analysis makes Radware DefensePro a unique tool. Thanks to the permanent network traffic analysis, it can also detect new and sophisticated attacks. All this without the need for operator intervention and without disturbing legitimate traffic.


The virtualization of physical servers is secured by products from the VMware company, the market leader in virtualization technologies. We use the VMware vSphere 6 or 7 virtualization platform and related products. The software solution from VMware guarantees the independence of virtual machines from hardware and allows their free migration in the event of a failure of any of the components.